Wednesday, March 01, 2006

IONS Monthly Intention

IONS Monthly Intention
March 2006

March Inspiration: This month we move into spring, a perfect time to focus on the potential of new beginnings. Every year at this time, we have the opportunity to let nature remind us of the power and beauty of new life after a winter of fiercer weather. In a similar way, each month, on the first of the month, we have the opportunity to begin afresh and align our intentions with our highest personal and collective good. Indeed, every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning in which we lift our consciousness and embrace the beauty of the moment. We encourage you to practice fresh beginnings this month, so you infuse your every waking moment with the possibility of living without limiting beliefs and preconceived filters. As we approach each moment with openness, great power and joy can be liberated.
March Question for Reflection:
What area of your life could benefit most from a fresh start?
What if the circumstances surrounding that area could be seen with eyes that see challenges or barriers as opportunities?

IONS monthly intentions for a global shift in consciousness*
Picture the world as it is today, knowing that I am a part of this planet's evolutionary design.
I choose to live to my fullest capacity in a spirit of openness, intellectual integrity, and freedom.*
I am conscious that I have a role in the unfolding story of humanity. I am connected to the whole. My intentions find a deep resonance in the hearts and minds of others.*
Together, we stir the depths of human ingenuity, creativity, and collective healing.
Together, we are part of an evolutionary pulse bringing into focus our collective responsibility for planet Earth and its diverse peoples.*
My intention is to be in a place of wisdom, compassion, and abiding exuberance for serving our common work and the greater good.

Institute of Noetic Sciences

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