Sunday, January 22, 2006

Once, Twice, Thrice

Events happen in threes, or so the "old wives' tale goes. This applies to good luck as well as "bad", and that's the part that we should all remember. The funny thing is we don't seem to pay as much attention to the good stuff as we do to the "bad". Personally, I also believe that when ya get three bad ones, then you will next get three good ones, so that's what I'm focusing on right now. Maybe it's time to play the lottery! lol

What has made me decide to write about this today? Very simple. I just got my three "bad ones", and I believe that I have already started on the good ones, which I now need to give acknowledgement to, just to keep the energy flowing. Know what I mean? So here's the story so far.....

Last Sunday night, Ron's car "died" on his way home from work. Electric system somewhere made the car lose power, the lights go dim, and then the engine just quit. He was only about 2 miles from home! While he was on the phone with me, a state trooper pulled up behind him to check on him, so he said he'd call back. The trooper made a phone call and arranged for a tow truck for him, and then stayed with him to make sure he didn't get hit on the side of the road until the tow truck showed up. Didn't have to do either of those things, but he did. So that's one bad thing, and one very good thing. We didn't have AAA at that point so the $75 towing bill wasn't exactly a good thing, but at least we had the money to pay it, and first thing Monday morning I paid for the AAA membership online! Do yourselves a favor, folks, join AAA! It's definitely worth it. Oh, and do get the Plus membership. They allow you up to 100 miles for each tow, whereas the Basic only covers 5 miles.

We got the car fixed by putting in a new battery and changing a battery cable clamp... well, supposedly this fixed it. It ran good for a couple of days anyway. Yeah, I know, just give me a chance here! lol

This morning we both left for work at the same time. Well, I tried to , anyway. My van has to be parked temporarily do at the end of the trailer park's driveway until we can get Ron's "dead" Transport moved, so I have to walk about 1/10th of a mile to my vehicle every time. No biggie, and I can sure use the exercise. I've been having trouble with the tires holding air pressure, but it's been good for a while now with maintenance, which I do each time I get ready to go somewhere. So I'm checking the tires this morning, and notice that there is a bit of an odd shape to the sidewall of the left rear tire. That's the one that went totally flat on me about three weeks ago. So I'm taking a closer look at the tire, and upon looking at the actual tread, I see this HUGE bulge in the main part of the tire, as well as about a 6 inch by 4 inch piece of the tread is just plain gone! I can see the steel belts inside the tire!!! I drove this thing home from work last night wondering why it was handling funny and what was that thumping-sounds-like a helicopter-noise and vibration going down the road. From the look of that tire, I'm lucky to have gotten home without it blowing out! Okay, so now I've got to try to catch Ron before he takes off so that I can drive him to work and take his car to get me to work. Looking up at that point just in time to see him heading down the main road and out of sight. Reach for my cell phone to call him to come back and the phone is out of minutes (pre-paid phone). Okay, run back up to the house, and try to call him. LOL Yeah, right! He's got the car radio turned up so loud that he can't hear his phone ringing under his coat. mutter-mutter! Call his store and leave a message for him to call home. Okay, so how do I get to work? Our next door neighbor is already gone too. Well, try to call Rachel. She doesn't live too far away and has to be there the same time I do. Okay, she's coming to pick me up! That's good. Ron calls back , I tell him what's going on, and arrange for him to pick me up tonight after work. Big Sigh! Okay! All Set, All is Well. Second Bad Thing!

There had been a couple of times when I'd taken Rachel home and picked her up for work, so since I'm not really out of her way, and she sorta owes me, we'll just call it even here. Friends helping friends, thank you Rachel!

Day at work was busy, but good. Get out at 6 pm, and head outside to wait for Ron. At 6:15 my cell phone rings, it's Ron, and it's trouble. The car quit on him on Whalen Rd in Bloomfield. Crap! The AAA isn't supposed to be in effect until Wednesday. Well, I decided to try and call them anyway, while Ron calls Jim from JC Auto, the guy who towed him home LAST Sunday night! I called AAA and explained that he had the car and was on his way to pick me up from work when it quit, and I know it's not the way it's supposed to work (the member has to be with the car), but was there a chance, was there anything they could do? Thomas was the Customer Service Rep and was very nice, and asked me to hold on a minute while he checked my membership info out. During that time he apparently explained the situation to the Supervisor, who said it was okay and made an exception and authorized the service call to the same Tow Company that we had already called. So, that's all set. Third bad thing and second good thing. Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm gonna get home!!!! argh!

Tried to call Rachel... her phone's turned off. Called our store's business office to see if Cash is still there, she is but she won't be going home til at least 11 pm, and it is now 7 pm, um, that's a bit too long to wait, but I'll take her up on it if I can't find anybody else around. Our next door neighbor is still away, no luck there. Hmmm... looking thru my phone book, and calling list. Who lives nearby that I know? Brad! Oh dear! Sheesh! I've worked with him off and on for a few years now, but don't really know him all that well, but he lives just over in Farmington.... oh well, gotta give it a shot! So I called, and explained what was going on. He sounded a little surprised that I was calling him, but really didn't hesitate at all and said sure, he'd come get me and take me home, after all, I'd helped him out a few times before.... Wait, I don't remember doing anything for Brad, other than covering his work shift a couple of times when he wanted a weekend off when it was supposed to be his turn at the rotation. And I was the one who ended up making the extra money those times! Okay, well, he said he would be happy to help me because I'd helped him, so he came and got me, and we had a good time talking about his liquor store and cars and such on the way home. Yeah, he's a good guy, sometimes a little arrogant and overbearing, and he's young, but he's a good guy. Surprised the heck out of me tonight, that's for sure! lol So that makes the Third Good Thing.

See? Three and Three. Originally I had counted three and two, but three and three is correct. What the heck, I'm still gonna buy that lottery ticket tomorrow.... after I change the tire on my van! Hopefully the spare will be in good enough shape. :-) Hey, I'm thinking positively here!

But tonight we're home, safe and sound, together, and nobody got hurt today. I mean, it could have been a whole lot worse than flat tires and dead batteries, so I'm thankful for that. Still gotta find out what's really up with Ron's car. It may very well be the alternator after all, even though it tested out okay the other day. We'll see.

Cross your fingers, okay? :-D

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Battle Is Coming....

A battle is coming.
Which side of the fence are you on?
This battle is about freedom of religion.
It is about freedom of choice.
It is about the future of mankind on this planet.
It is about having to conform to "their way",
It is the Inquisition all over again,
And it's not just Witches this time.
It is about standing up and being counted,
and fighting for what you believe in.
It is about doing, and not just talking.
It is about doing whatever it may take to heal this planet.
It is not about "me and mine".
It is about "us and ours".
It is about humanity as a whole.
It is not about sex, race, color, age, or creed.
It is about equality.
It is about quality, not quantity.
It is about doing what is Right.
Darkness is coming….
Will the Light return as well?
It may not, if we don't act.
If we don't join hands, hearts, minds, and souls.
No one person is better than any other.
No one religion is the only right way.
Only the Divine is the right way,
no matter what name that Entity bears.
Only the Universal truth is what matters.
And that Truth is Love.
That Truth is about respect and care for our Planet,
for each other,
and for all forms of life we share this space with.
We have a common foe… .
Fear and Ignorance.
Do not condemn someone or something
because it is unknown to you.
Learn for yourself.
A belief system that is different is not wrong.
Eliminate Fear.
Fear cripples.
Fear paralyzes.
Fear kills.
God created Man in His/Her Image,
yet there are many different colors and faces of Man.
Why, then, is it so hard to believe
there could be many different colors and faces of God,
as well as Names?
Are you willing to fight?
or will you turn away?
Will you help and contribute positively,
or will you hinder
and feed the seeds of
hate, selfishness and destruction?

The choice is yours…
But the outcome is the Future of All of us.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some Musings....

Looks like Pat Robertson has been at it again… “Robertson Links Sharon Stroke, God’s Wrath”

This man is a loose cannon, and needs to sit down and read his own Bible, not just the parts he can find that justify his own motivations (and those of the Religious Right). Especially the part which says “Judge not, least ye be judged”…..
Personally, I think it’s sad that Robertson doesn’t “get it”.

I think it will be interesting to see what happens with the Italian Court case, “Did Jesus Exist? Court to decide”.