Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine?
(For the Child in All of Us)
by Robert F. Potts

Can you imagine a world without witches,
A world with all people the same?
Where the only known dragons are hiding in books,
And children are terribly tame?
A world without magic would be sad indeed.
I cannot imagine the pain
Of having a world where there's no Santa Claus,
Where wizards are searched for in vain.

Can you imagine a world without spells,
That science and businesses run?
And think of the sadness a unicorn feels
When he no longer plays in the sun
Can you imagine a world without witches,
No elves, and no magical pools?
And can you imagine how dull it would be
If all that we had were the schools?

I cannot imagine a world without witches,
A world with no magical wand.
A world without beauty,
or even a dream,
Or a wood sprite of whom to be fond
They say I should grow up and be more mature,
Like a normal adult ought to do.
But I'd rather, at night, go to dance with a witch,
And I'll bet that you feel that way, too.

A Hymn To Transcendence

A Hymn to Transcendence

I sing of
the foundational eros
by which nothingness
is attracted to fullness,
creation to the Creator,
the human universe
to the divine milieu.

We exist to transcend
our existence.
Faith takes us
beyond cognition;
hope aspires
to a better condition;
charity is a drive
to fuller fruition

The limited beckons us
to the boundless;
the contingent postulates
the necessary;
the partial gives a glimpse
of the All.

Bewail not, then,
the condition
of creatureliness:
the sea does not complain
of the shore,
nor does the mountain envy
the sky.

Extol, therefore,
the virtues of
For, it is the humble
who achieve greatness
and the meek
who inherit the earth.

Our limit is
not a boundary,
but a connection.
We cannot exist
of ourselves
and for ourselves;
without being
we perish.

The intricate web of
coexistence and collaboration
is not a net
that fetters us in shackles.
but a springboard
that frees us for flight.

if there is nothing
beyond our mortal ken,
there is no room
for flight or fancy
and no purpose
to our dreaming
and striving.

©   Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski
June 3, 2003

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Change That Is Long Past Due

The Change that is Long Past Due

Note; The following appeared on the United Communities of Spirit general forum as a lengthy discussion of society. It is only one small part of that discussion which ranged over a period of months.

It is clear that "the system" as it currently stands, cannot last much longer, nor can a humanity which supports it. The values of society are simply DEAD WRONG in every area of social endeavor. Humanity imagines;

1) That nature exists to serve human whims.

2) That education is for the conditioning of young minds to serve the corporate work place, rather than for the sake of enlightenment and self-evolution.

3) That humanity can break any natural law it wants to, for as long as it pleases, and not suffer grave consequences for doing so. We see examples of this in genetic engineering, environmental pollution, exhaustion of natural resources, disregard of our own body's systems, the use of deadly pesticides and herbicides, the growing and feeding of animals and crops under the most unnatural of conditions, etc.

4) We find the making of government policies of no value to anyone except a select few, under the guise of "democracy". There is absolute corruption, contradiction and hypocrisy at every level of modern institutions. Everything in this society is based upon money considerations as a top priority above all else. This of course boils down to one simple thing; The insane GREED of a dying race, trying to stave off its fear of what it hasbecome, (and its imminent death) with a security blanket of material things. Such a mind set exists to last yet another decade, year, month, day, or even just one more hour, before the inevitable collapse of this bogus paradigm.

5) There are continuous wars, political battles and false speeches, genocide, germ and chemical poisoning of populations, and daily scandals around the world. This is a spiritual crisis for humanity, not a political one.

6) There is a near total control of the public media through a handful of mega-corporations. These tell corporate lies that are designed for just two purposes;
a) to maintain "consumer confidence", (and therefore blind spending, based on artificially stimulated desires) and,
b) to ensure that a general public uprising does not occur, which would otherwise insist that the practices and policies of the world be changed for the better.

Yet, despite all this, the average person is STILL AT THIS VERY MOMENT in denial that there is even anything wrong with modern society and its values. Incredible! (and of course, quite insane). The media and "education" really have us hypnotized!

The following was a follow up on the above post…

Diane writes;
You are absolutely right. When we attempt to operate from within the system to change it, we cannot help but be conformed somewhat to the mold proscribed by it. We then, however unnoticed by us, in very subtle and insidious ways begin to think and behave according to those limits. The expansion of one's consciousness becomes limited and our spiritual growthbecomes stunted, no matter how enlightened we perceive ourselves to be--or how impervious we think we are to the effects of that association. Perhaps we could expect to be immune to the system's influence were we evolved to the point that we can walk on water or pass through walls.


My reply;

Absolutely cannot change corruption through corrupted means, and expect to rescue a dying civilization. We're choking in our own filth and decay even now, at the hands of a government that is no longer sovereign. The governments are now owned by the corporations, who become more bold in their attempts to totally control the public in anyway possible, with each day that passes. They know their empire is fading away. In their insanity, they will keep profits high, even if it means destroying what remains of the environment and buying puppet presidents like George W. They are creating apsuedo-world for the public mind to "consume". Regardless of these facts however, there are many who still naively assume that all we need to do is "get out the vote" or "write your local congressman". Others still say, "don't even look at world events, that's just feeding the negativity" and that all we need is "unconditional love", (whatever that means, on a practical basis). Clearly, nothing is going to change by virtue of the current status quo. REAL change is about choosing a completely different lifestyle and view of REALITY, than what is currently accepted.


Only the most enlightened and truly adept among us, dare step into that miasma of the cult of materialism unscathed. From this wisdom comes the saying of Jesus that those who believe will take up serpents and can drink poison without fear of harm. For the adept among us, this saying would apply on both the denser levels (i.e. material, flesh) and on the higher vibrational levels (spiritual, invisible). And even then, as you no doubt haveobserved, those few truly adept Christed ones only venture into the fringes of that strange land of false constructs for certain tasks and interventions to be performed (e.g., Jesus, Buddha, and many others of lesser fame)--for some spirit led purpose or goal.


My reply;

The psychic and material reality of our currently civilization is abysmal. And you're right, it would take a high Master such as a Christ or a Buddha to effectively change it, or even brave it unscathed. The world has a great deal of karma to deal with. There is a certain school of thought which says free will should not be tampered with anyway, and that if it is the will of the human race to finally NOT SEE THE TRUTH, or to change their materialistic ways for the better, then so be it. Under this view, it may well be the best thing for the planet, that the cancer of humanity be killed off to make room for life forms which arenot nearly as destructive. Perhaps this is what needs to happen to prove a point to a very hard headed and self indulgent humanity...that the spiritual designs of nature are what should be served by humanity, not the other way around. It may just take the complete collapse of the world economies, the fall of governments, the spread of disease, famine,war and hardship of every conceivable kind, to finally wake up the average FAT AMERICAN (and Western paradigm as a whole).


Even those of us on this forum are but spiritual babes for the most part. We have not had the spiritual knowledge or guts to venture out into the unknown territory that exists outside the "system." Therefore we rationalize that it must be done from within the system, using its venues and resources. But didn't Jesus say (and others as well in different terms) that one cannot serve both God and mammon--also he asked "what communion has righteousness with Belial?" Jesus never spoke from a religious viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of the adept who was totally conscious of the ONEness of all things and of his own oneness with his source. The previous statement was not born of doctrine, but of knowledge of truth. Another thing that Jesus said is that if our right eye offends us, we should cut it out. By this I think he meant that we should cut out of our lives anything that inhibits our growth in Truth and knowledge of the Absolute Eternal. Hmmmm . . .


My reply;

Yes, in other words as a culture we need to cut out the superficiality and destruction of materialistic values, in favor of natural and spiritual laws. It means that we don't buy the new house, fancy car, expensive suit or dress or contribute to the local cancer-producing factory and its products, in our daily lives. It means we must live simply and naturally, observing what our own bodies, and the living creatures of the good Earth are telling us. It means that we must stop telling lies for the sake of comfort, and then having the gall to callthat "spiritual" just because it placates someone’s emotional distress. The distress people are feeling around the world right now, is there for a reason. The distress that is easily perceived by each of us every day contains a message. This message is very simply, "follow natural law or die". I think most people would still, even now, rather die than changea thing. They would rather gossip and focus on the trivial then speak of joint action. So be it.


An aside to the group at large: There are some of us in this community who seem to think that others of us advocate the overthrow of government. Since I have been part of this community I have NEVER seen such a statement by anyone. I HAVE read that some would encourage us to forsake the false constructs of religion and government and even so-called social activism in order to promote the proliferation of truth. Poor Matthew, who is oftenmisunderstood, I think has this rep among some in the community-- totally undeserved!! And I have never seen that any one of us has ever advocated changing the world by violent means. Those of us who promote anarchy of sorts promote that anarchy that is called "peace". It is a separation of oneself out from the influences of the world system in order to grow in spirit. Then to take what one has learned and share it with those who are lead tolisten and utilize it. But we make little progress when we do little but spout jargon and spiritual catch phrases. To those outside our community this seems shallow and superfluous—and hypocritical also when we do not WALK what we TALK. When little orno power is manifested in our lives--or when they see us living by the world's ways, what example is that?


My reply;

My question is, "ok, so what if someone DID advocate the overthrow of the existing government"? So what? Have Americans forgotten how their own country was started? And I definitely "encourage us to forsake the false constructs of religion and government and even so-called social activism in order to promote the proliferation of truth". Yes, absolutely so.


We are not really making progress when we go to this therapist and that therapist seeking magic herbal potions and energy work and are always having someone work on us to improve us from without. One's best guru is his inner self. Aren't we living by the world's ways when we have a "business" of metaphysics and there are alternative paraphernalia and book shops sprouting up everywhere and we spend scads of money on books and therapies and follow first this guru and that guru. Again we are hooked. The world's way is to distract us from our own inner journey and convince us that we are in need of help from others, that we are helpless to reach in and dig out our own inner garbage on our own --and that we should pay somehow for that service. Early on in my metaphysical studies, myson said something to me that stuck like glue--something that is a simple truth that I have not been able to toss off with any rationalization. He said simply that he didn't believe that truth could be bought and that it was not right for one to disseminate truth for a fee. Of course, when we need help from one another, we should seek it -- and it should be freely offered. At the same time, I believe there comes a time that reading and study andtherapies and crystals and energy work and mind treatments become either distractions from the inner journey or things that enable us to indulge in thoughts that are self-defeating in our search for truth. Such thoughts, thoughts that keep us looking outward, arethe bane of the spirit.
Love and peace and clarity to all,
Sunny One Diana


My reply;

Diana, you really clarified here a major flaw in modern thinking. We do indeed, as a culture, give all our power to outside forces. Our "experts" and institutions are given credence under the assumption that they know what is good for us, better than we do . What they knowis how to keep things as they decay. What we know as individuals, is that all the personal power we need is centered within. But to find it and make use of it, requires a consistent seriousness of life view, that does not assume the truth is whatever you want to make up, and that life is just a game to be played , "to get what you can while you can". This is not the purpose of life. Life is NOT A GAME, and it has rules which exists whether humanity likes that fact or not. Life exists to extend spiritual purposes and designs. This is the motive behind biological evolution. We can either apply ourselves individually and en masse to that evolutionary purpose, or we can choose to destroy ourselves, in self-induced foolishness. That's our choice as individuals. If we do not choose the right path as already determined by nature, then we get exactly what we deserve...death and suffering on ever increasing scales, until not one human is left to walk the face of the Earth.

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