Monday, February 28, 2011

Dream a Little Dream of....

.... Something!  I was going to say anything, just dream.  But the dream is important, and even more so the dreaming of it. 
It's not just the night-time dreams either.  It's the day-time ones that, I think, are so much more important.  Those are the dreams that help to shape our lives.  That sometimes can, really should be, the ones that become our guiding star.  They are the dreams that can make us set goals for things we want to accomplish, of how and where we want to live, of what kind of work/job/career we want to have, of who we want to be.  Therein lies the importance of the dreaming. 
The dreaming of the dream is the roadmap to making the dream come true.  It's how we get from point A, the dream, to point Z, the reality.  The manifestation of the dream.  The Universe is waiting to make our dreams reality, but we have to do the legwork along the way.  As much as I believe in magick, I also know that it is my effort, my energy that causes the magick to work.  I have to put the energy into following the roadmap that I design in order to reach the goal. 
So I dream.  Some days more than others, a lot of days not much at all.  I don't always want to do the work to make the magick happen.  Sometimes I watch the magick happen for other people, and think, wow, if only....   So I look a little harder to see what my dreams are, to see what I would be willing to put the energy into.   There are a few things, but they aren't really what makes my heart sing. 
What does "what makes your heart sing" mean?   Some of my friends know what I mean by that phrase, and happily they have found their song.   So I'll now tell you. 
A few years ago, we held one of our Mid-Summer Celebration Rituals at my heart-brother Ben's place.  Two of my heart-sisters, Linda and Wolfie, and I led the ritual that day.  (We all wore golden cloaks that Lin had brought, and wound up carrying the title of "The Golden Girls" because of it.)  It was wonderful!   Anyway, as happens a lot of times during Ritual, I spoke and led a short meditation at the midpoint of the ritual.  And, as happens a lot of times, the first few words that I spoke were mine, but the rest of it was "someone else" sharing their message.  I don't consider myself a channeler, but it happens quite a bit.  I start talking, and then get bumped aside by an energy who wants to speak.  I don't get to hear what they say, and have to ask afterword what was said. 
On this particular day, I knew that I was going to borrow the phrase "find what makes your heart sing" from another heart-sister, Rhonda.  She had found the words somewhere, and we had spent some time talking about it.   It means to do those things that fill your heart with joy, that gives you that warm, happy feeling that sticks around for a long time.  The kind of thing that you never get bored with, that you are always happy when you do it,  that never feels like work or a chore to do.  That makes you feel really alive, that satisfies you.  Do you get what I mean?  That's what we call "making your heart sing."  Whatever it might be, it fills you up, lifts your spirits, and usually results in good things happening, not just for you, but for other people too. 
Sounds like a lot to think about, doesn't it?   In the long run, it's not.  It is really as simple as looking at the things you like to do, and holding them close to your heart for a moment, if only in your mind.  Your heart knows what the right thing is.  Your soul knows.  It's a vibrational match when it's the right thing.  The vibrations match up, and start to feed off of and into each other, and the vibrations rise, and start to sing because they match.  You feel it inside and out.  You feel and hear them singing.  And then you start to "sing".   And it's the most glorious sound ever.
It changes your entire life. 
I have lots of little things that make my heart sing.  I don't always hear them because I drown them out with "junk", as I call it.  Mundane world worries, letting myself get stressed out by stoopid things (and people).   There are days when I don't want to hear the little songs, I want "the big one", and that stresses me even more.  I wonder what I'm doing wrong, what am I supposed to be doing, what do I need to change?   The answer?  It's simple, really, and I just found it.  I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, and I don't need to change anything.   I've got a full orchestra playing right now, a wonderful variety of heart songs that are so glorious, each in their own right, in their own way.  They flow from one to the other perfectly.  I've only had to listen and feel it.   And I do. 
May you also find what makes your heart sing.