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RE": Thriving during Mercury Retrograde

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RE": Thriving during Mercury Retrograde

Today, March 2 - March 25th, Mercury appears to stall and then move backward through the sky. All too often we focus on the negatives of Mercury Retrograde.

In an effort to only focus on what we want to invite to our lives, I have compiled some positives about this phenomenon.
Mercury rules over the processes of the mind, communications and business travel. When it appears retrograde, we enter the "revisit, revise, redo" phase in each of these areas.

Your office.
Your filing.
Your closets.
Your schedule.

A favorite book.
The research for your next project.
Your contracts, your email and letters.
Anything you are writing for editing purposes.

Past conversations that still aren't at rest.
Old projects that you have set aside.
Favorite destinations both in real time and on the astral.
Past projects to see what lessons you have learned.

Anything that needs it.
Friendships (especially if communication is an issue)
Relationships (now is a great time to slow down and reconnect)

Slow down and Recharge your batteries.

Old friendships and acquaintances.
Your commitments.
Your desires.
Your hopes.
Your belief.

Your outlook.

That what you focus on is what you bring to you.
That Mercury Retrograde is a natural flow of energy and if we tune into the energy we can put it to good use.

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