Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Moon Meditation for Tuesday, February 28

Othala Grove Spiritual Center has linked with Spirit Unity Ministry in offering ritual, meditation, workshops and classes.  
Here now is the current meditation as written by AmeyaSpirit.
We hope you will join us astrally at 9 pm EST tonight in this work.
New Moon Meditation for Tuesday February 28
The following poem was given to me in the form of a needlework hanging by my sister, before she knew how firmly,  I walked the path of a Druid, Priestess, Witch, Minister, She credited as being by Author Unknown, though I have since found it on Abbey Willowroot's Star Dust Site. I believe it to be one of the best grounding meditations I have ever done, and I offer it up to you all tonight as a New Moon Ritual Meditation.
Dark/ New Moon is a mystical time, it is the brief pause between ending and beginning, dying and living, it is that timeless pause where it is possible to truly open ourselves to our higher Spirit Selves, an instant in which it is possible to glimpse eternity.
So while we are not currently settled in a physical location that will allow us to come together in body, I invite you all to join me among the stars. 
We will be doing this ritual at our humble hearth, at 9pm on Tuesday, February 28,
Ritual Intent: To seek union with our higher self for guidance regarding endings and new beginnings.  To find our mission of healing, to raise power to begin that mission, to celebrate this energy as it is mirrored in our lives, and to express our gratitude to the universe for the amazing journey we are experiencing.
Calls and Casting: (Please cast your own circle as you choose)
Hail and Welcome to the Guardians and Inhabitants of the 7 directions,  To the Elementals, Ancestors, Guides and God/dess' who choose to come and stand as equals in mutual exchange and protection, Join now our circle, Share Now our Dreams.
A Circle of Equals we now weave, in perfect love and perfect trust, within this circle we are each, leader and lead, teacher and taught, patron and supplicant, creator and created, Deity and mortal... Let any energy form or thought, not present for the highest good of all leave now for this is Sacred Space, Between the Worlds and as such Protected!~
The Meditation:
Be aware of your connection to your body, to your contact with the earth, the energy that flows between you and all that is around you, then open your mind and become all that you already are:
I release my isolation to the StarsBreathing in the Energy that connects all thingsAllowing my body to be caressed by NatureFilling my lungs with eternal BreathFilling my senses with the joy of Being AliveFilling my heart with gratitude for this MomentFinally allowing my Spirit to soar FreeI am a creation of the UniverseEternal in my Essence
In time . . . when my life wanesReturning my body to Star DustHeld in the body of the Great GoddessI will again be the Energy of Life
The Work: While you contemplate this concept allow your mind to truly open to the universe, when you find that you are soaring free, in the clarity of who you are at your creation, ask yourself what work you are to embrace and where that path begins.  Bring your insights back with you as you return to this plane for it is not time to return to Star Dust yet.
Remember who you are, and remember that you are also here, incarnate on this plane, reconnect to the energy of the earth, and to those things around you that you need to be connected to,  make notes in your journal about your meditation.  Come Back here and share your journey if you choose.
Please remember to ground with food, after this meditation.
When you are finished with your ritual, release those who have joined you to return to their places of being with thanks and gratitude.
We wish you good journeys

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