Saturday, October 03, 2009

Don't know what to title this...

As I'm getting ready to go to sleep tonight, I find that I can't.  My mind won't stop turning, my thoughts won't quiet down, I'm wide awake.   I feel the urge to write something, but the thoughts are jumbled, disconnected, tangled.   Might have something to do with having watched FlashForward tonight, or with the preview of 2012 that's been running on TV....
It bothers me that the focus of a lot of shows that are coming on TV and in the movies now concerning 2012 is major disaster.   So many people seem to have this view of it being the end of the world, that our planet will be destroyed, and life as we have known it will end.  
I have to say that I'm tired of that angle, that point of view.   I need to express what I see coming, what I've seen happening.  
Yes, I used the word "seen", and yes, that means a vision of what the future might hold.   I don't get visions very often, I only hear voices in my head occasionally.   I am a witch, and I follow an eclectic pagan spiritual path.  As I get older, I am getting a little eccentric about some things, but I think we all do.  I am finding more of the freedom that comes with growing older, and I really wouldn't want to go back to when I was younger.  As the saying goes, been there, done that.   Some of my life has been rough, most of it has been wonderful.  There are days when I would have liked to have made different choices along the road that I've traveled, but I don't think I'd be where I'm at now if I had.  So it's all been part of the process, so to speak.  
I believe that 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, will be a turning point for humanity on this planet.   The decisions that we make, as the human race here, will determine the result and the rest of our future.   Part of it depends on what we do in the coming few years, part on what we believe.   We have the choice, the power to affect our future in a positive way.   We can choose to raise ourselves up and become all that we can possibly be, to become truly one people, to regain all the knowledge that has been lost, or I should say hidden away.  Or we can choose to tear ourselves apart, and destroy everything.  
What difference does skin color make?  None whatsoever.  Take off the skin and we are all identical underneath.  Same bone, same muscle, same blood, same organs.  Absolutely no difference. 
What difference does religion make?  None whatsoever.  All paths lead to the Universal Divine, regardless of the name used.  The ideology is the same.  The core values are the same.  
What difference does age make?  None, unless you're wine or cheese.   Okay, that was silly... 
Love is truly the key to happiness.   Being kind, and helping someone who needs help is paramount to being connected to the Divine.  We are all part of the Divine, after all. 
And now I'm rambling.... so it's time for sleep....

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Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Synchronicity! I am reading Fractal Time by Gregg Barden about 2012 in preparation for Wicca IV which kicks off this weekend. He also says we will make a leap of evolution in 2012, that the world will reach out to its potential and become virtually unrecongizable in its advancement. There is more, but I'm still getting over the flu so my head is like a sieve. The ideas just run out unless they are in front of me in black and white.

I had the same reaction to the media madness as we near Solstice 2012. The good news the media and communications will be transformed along with the rest of us!

Love you, D