Saturday, June 10, 2006

Metamorphosis Newsletter Articles

I've had an email subscription to the Metamorphosis Newsletter from for a while now. Almost every time I receive it there is at least one article that resonates with me, and I usually end up posting it to my egroup or putting it up on my blog.

There are 4 of them this time, and I really want to recommend them to you all. You can find and sign-up for the newsletter at . This week's edition can be found at

The specific articles this time are:

Who Am I?

Make The Mind-Body Connection Work

Drawing Lines

Why Here, Why Now, Why Again?

Some of these are just good information, and a couple of them are extremely synchronistic for me right now, so I'm definitely laughing!

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Morgaine said...


It has been a long while since my voice was heard in this community. Though I love the Finger Lakes and miss our little stone cottage, I no longer live in New York State. I was forced out by "friends" in the pagan and psychic communities. But I am not complaining. In retrospect, it has all turned out for the best.

Our lives are much improved. The pagan community here is cooperative and loving in their support of each others' beliefs and goals. It is not true, what I was often told up North, that all pagan communities are defined by paranoia and obsessive in-fighting. It is not true that there is no point in trying to change it.

Despite being in the Bible belt, the pagans in the South are relaxed and genuinely caring and concerned for one another. They are a real community, supporting each other as they walk the path, and their journey is clearly made easier and more pleasurable for this.

They have learned to let go of the need to control everything and everyone around them, and found positive ways to express their power that are not at other people's expense. Their community is strong and is earning respect of others around them, including their Christian neighbors.

Living alongside these people has dramatically improved my feelings toward humanity and my sense of real hope for a better future. I could not have arrived at this place by remaining in the Rochester area. There is an excellent reason for this, only half of which has anything to do with me...

Whether we have a community, and what kind of community we have results from the personal choices we each make every moment of every day. If we choose to harbour grudges and expect the worst of others, to believe that the way to "pagan power" is at others' expense, if we turn our backs or define community as "residing in accidental proximity" to one another, then our community will be steeped in negative, self-obsessive energy and ultimately we will have no community at all.

It really is up to each of us.

There are more than enough new seekers to go around. There is no "one right" or "best" pagan path (that's a Christian concept, isn't it?), only the path that is right for each of us in this life. The great amongst us are not measured by their 'bag of tricks', their wisecracks, or by the curses they can manifest, but by their compassion for everyone and everything around them regardless of circumstance, the beauty they create, and their service to their communities and the world.

Simply being an 'entitled pagan' does not make being petty, vindictive, ugly, or punitive something important, powerful, enchanting, or great.

Do we remember Doreen Valiente for her great curses or for her brilliant creativity and service? Philip Carr-Gomm, Starhawk, Raven Grimassi, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland -- name as many as you can think of! You will be hard pressed to find even one who is remembered and admired for their grudges, fighting, self-absorption, or slandering of other people, groups, or paths -- and the same holds true of each of us, in every local community.

The pagans of Central New York are living in one of the most important power spots in North America: the Spirit Way. Everything you think, say, and do is amplified and sent along the leys to others across the country and throughout the world. More than in most places, what you think, feel, and do has the power to influence others everywhere. And more than in most places, what you think, feel, and do will return to influence you.

Feeling battered? Consider who you have battered lately. Feeling paranoid? About whom have you gossiped? Whom have you tried to undermine, ill-wish, or deceive?

Do you want to help world healing, peace, and tolerance? Find it within yourselves, make it real within you, and nurture it in the place you live. Do you want others to honour and respect your achievements? First honour and respect theirs. Want to feel safe? Then make others safe. Want to be admired and loved? Love and admire others.

These are the Universal Rules of the Game of Life. They govern us all, great and small.

The same is also true in reverse. More than in other places, you will feel and tend to be influenced more by the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others who live along the leys that run through your area. Thus, it is not wise to assume that the "bad vibe" you are feeling is necessarily local. Nor is it necessarily directed at you. More often than not, it is a heads up about something happening in a much bigger picture -- one we can none of us afford to ignore or forget.

Central New York has lost many good people and opportunities for simple lack of a true understanding of the nature of the region itself, and real cooperative, compassionate, supportive community. We each choose what reality we make, what kind of community and world we live in. We are each responsible. It is our choice whether to fold up and quit when others fail and fall into Shadow or to look out at the mystery around us and draw strength and hope from it.

May you each hear your heart's authentic voice and find the courage to follow it.

Bendithion Afallon,

Founding Elder Dreamer, ADO