Friday, May 26, 2006

An Open Letter...

An Open Letter to the Pagan Community…. And actually People In General…

I have been trying to find a positive way to say the things I feel I need to say, but I’m coming up against a wall about this, with no other way to express my thoughts and feelings but bluntly. Big surprise there, huh? So here it is….

What is your problem?

It seems that lately all people are doing is whining, complaining, bitching, putting out negative criticism in very hurtful ways, and condemning others who are trying to do positive things for the community. This one says that they are being singled out and attacked for no good reason; that one criticizes how a project or event was done or conducted; another one feels left out or ignored or shunned…. I could probably go on and on with that, but I won’t bother, I think you get the idea.

My response is simple:

Get over yourselves.

I don’t care who you think you are, when it comes to doing positive things for the community at large, everybody is on the same level. I don’t care how many titles or letters you have after your name, or how much money you have. No one is better than anybody else. When events and projects are planned, there are certain ways that things need to be done to ensure a positive outcome. There are procedures established for how things will be accomplished, and rules about what will or won’t be allowed to happen that are clearly designated and delineated. When you do something that very clearly goes against and violates those rules, you’re going to get called on it. Don’t expect anything different. You wouldn’t tolerate it if someone did something like that to you. If you do something wrong, don’t try to turn it around to make it someone else’s fault, and shift the blame.

Feel like something wasn’t done the way you think it should have been done? Step up to the plate, offer to help with a project or event that is being planned, get involved and volunteer. People who sit on the sidelines and do nothing to help have no business complaining about what is and/or how things are done. If you think you can do a better job, then open your mouth, get off your butt, and do it! If you have an idea of a project or event, step up and put your idea out there. I’ll help if I can, if it’s something positive for the community. So will lots of other people. All you have to do is speak up. Stop criticizing people who are making the effort if you aren’t willing to.

Feeling left out, ignored, or shunned? If you want to be included, open your mouth and say so. I don’t read minds, I don’t know who has what to offer. Unless and until you express an interest in doing something, I won’t know it. So don’t go around saying you don’t get included in things because nobody likes you. That’s just bunk. Don’t expect a handwritten, gilded invitation delivered on a silver platter. There isn’t one single human being on this planet who deserves or is entitled to that. We are all the same under the skin. Same hearts, same flesh, same blood, same bone.

Don’t condemn or criticize something or someone that you know nothing about. Take the time to get to know a person, to learn about a religious or spiritual tradition before you take pot shots at it or them. Have an open mind and be willing to communicate and understand another’s point of view, even if, and especially if it seems to be different than your own.


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