Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Battle Is Coming....

A battle is coming.
Which side of the fence are you on?
This battle is about freedom of religion.
It is about freedom of choice.
It is about the future of mankind on this planet.
It is about having to conform to "their way",
It is the Inquisition all over again,
And it's not just Witches this time.
It is about standing up and being counted,
and fighting for what you believe in.
It is about doing, and not just talking.
It is about doing whatever it may take to heal this planet.
It is not about "me and mine".
It is about "us and ours".
It is about humanity as a whole.
It is not about sex, race, color, age, or creed.
It is about equality.
It is about quality, not quantity.
It is about doing what is Right.
Darkness is coming….
Will the Light return as well?
It may not, if we don't act.
If we don't join hands, hearts, minds, and souls.
No one person is better than any other.
No one religion is the only right way.
Only the Divine is the right way,
no matter what name that Entity bears.
Only the Universal truth is what matters.
And that Truth is Love.
That Truth is about respect and care for our Planet,
for each other,
and for all forms of life we share this space with.
We have a common foe… .
Fear and Ignorance.
Do not condemn someone or something
because it is unknown to you.
Learn for yourself.
A belief system that is different is not wrong.
Eliminate Fear.
Fear cripples.
Fear paralyzes.
Fear kills.
God created Man in His/Her Image,
yet there are many different colors and faces of Man.
Why, then, is it so hard to believe
there could be many different colors and faces of God,
as well as Names?
Are you willing to fight?
or will you turn away?
Will you help and contribute positively,
or will you hinder
and feed the seeds of
hate, selfishness and destruction?

The choice is yours…
But the outcome is the Future of All of us.

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