Thursday, December 15, 2005

Energy Shifts and The Balance

Strange things have been happening lately. Not just here, but all around the world. As if you haven't noticed. Well, maybe you haven't taken a good look at all of it, and really thought about what's going on.

I believe that everything happening in the world now falls within at least one of the 5 points of the Pentagram, which are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Earthquakes, Tornados and Hurricanes, Wild Fires, Tsunamis and Floods, and Ethics. Each of these is escalating into Chaotic proportions. Whether or not you believe in all the talk about the Transformation of Consciousness and the End Date of the Mayan Calendar is up to you. But take a little time and do some research. Literally every culture and spiritual belief system around the world holds information, prophecies, concerning what is going on now and what is to happen in the not too distant future.

To make it a little simpler, from my perspective, the Universe exists and functions according to the maintenance of The Balance, wherein everything has a positive and a negative side, feminine and masculine, light and dark. Neither one can exist without the other. In order for existence to continue, the Balance must be maintained.

That is not what is happening now. The Balance is swinging toward the dark. In the process of our human evolution, a transformation is necessary for humanity to progress to the next level of what is being called "enlightenment". That transformation is "scheduled" to begin again at the end of the Mayan Calendar. Yes, I did say "again". This cycle has been initiated before, many times, with the goal each time being for humanity to transform and evole to the next level of enlightenment. So far we haven't been able to do it. Usually because humankind gave in to the darkness, the greed, the inhumanity to man. Each time there have been catastrophic changes in climate and cultures around the world. The last time this point was reached on this planet, Atlantis was lost. We lost all of the knowledge, technology, skills and abilities that existed in Atlantis. The land masses shifted and broke apart, the water level across the planet rose, and there is evidence of major climate changes occurring when all of this happened. And those of humankind who survived all of this went back to the beginning, and started over in learning to survive on this planet without all the "bells and whistles". All of this can be traced through the progress of recorded history "this time". Take some time and research it.

If we CAN accomplish the transformation, humanity and this planet will heal from the damage that has been done so far. We will regain the knowledge, technology and abilities that have been lost. If we can't, we will lose it all again, and literally have to start over, crawling out of the caves, and scratching and clawing to learn how to live again. I'd like to recommend a website that I came across It's interesting, to say the least. There are many others out there on The Internet, as well as a multitude of books available. Do an online search for "Transformation of Consciousness", and see what you get.

Looking at all the different "points" of the pentagram, I think that the Ethics portion of current events is the biggest indicator of how bad things really are right now, even though each of the others keeps escalating. It's probably the one that "scares" me the most. It's as if the sense of right and wrong has been forgotten. Lying, cheating, stealing, and killing seem to have become almost an accepted everyday occurrence.

Some people do not believe in helping each other, all they want to do is denigrate what good is done. The "Self" is what matters most to them. What can be done to promote themselves, to get what they want, and in the process, cut another person down or destroy them? Why? Because it's easier to take over something good that someone else has already worked so very hard to establish and made a good, viable entity than it is to do the work themselves. They don't care about other people, they only care about themselves and their own survival. They don't want to help others progress, learn, and grow. What's in it for ME? These are all trademarks and the "modus operandi" of The Dark Side working to overcome The Light and disrupt the Balance. So that's a bit of a stretch, or is it? Think about it.

Examples: A group of people do the work and planning to make a positive community event happen which benefits a lot of people in many ways, and one of the least important to the group of the many end results is some recognition and respect for this group. Someone else wants to have that kind of recognition, but doesn't want to have to do anything, to do any of the work, to share in the efforts necessary to accomplish something positive. So what do they do? They slam the group, make nasty comments, gossip, attack individuals of the group, pick on one or two little things that didn't work out as well as the rest and blow them way out of proportion, or do something at the event that goes against what has been established as "the rules", and then say "oh poor me! Look what they did to me". And sometimes, when their other attempts don't work out, they even employ psychic attacks and black magick against people in the group.

Don't believe in psychic attacks? How else can you explain sudden unusual illness or events happening that have no logical basis in current reality? It does happen. And the people who do these things have no qualms about doing it. No conscience. It's worldwide, but especially obvious within political and governmental structures. The agendas that are being pushed by extremist factions demonstrate this quite clearly.

And so the Balance slips even more, and all of the energies become more unstable, more chaotic. Weather patterns become more extreme in their fluctuations, earthquakes more destructive, the waters rise higher and higher each time a flood comes, the firestorms consume more land, the hurricanes and tornadoes more intense and damaging. How many hurricanes in the past year were Category 5? How much higher is the human death toll each time one of these events of nature's fury happens? And how much more out of balance are people becoming with each day that passes? The lies increase. But so is the Truth having its say. Sometimes in not the best of circumstances or situations, and many times with the costs of speaking The Truth affecting people on personal levels. But that is what it's being pushed to, and those who are sharing The Truth knows what is necessary, and why. And so we continue to do the work we know we must do, regardless. Hopefully, we will not be too late....

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